Senior Secondary Recognized & Affiliated to C.B.S.E in Science, Commerce & Humanities Streams
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The Faculty  
  Principal, a gallantry awardee, is the Head of the school. He is blessed with the managerial guidance of a great educationist Mr. Principald who is the founder of not only the school at but also another one in New Delhi and a beautifully nurtured destitute children’s home in delhi. He has with him the wisdom of more than five decades of educational experience. Being a strict disciplinarian, the Principal does not allow any infirmity to creep into the functioning of the school. He is supported by a team of well qualified, zealous teachers recruited by the Management purely on the basis of their personal merit and efficiency. The Vice Principal is a dynamic lady with extra ordinary qualities. She is amiable, affectionate and maintains her control over the staff and the students with the dignity of a mother.

Coordinators have been recruited to act as bridges between the staff, the students, the parents and the management. We integrate the school with homely atmosphere and make the students feel twice- blessed.
Syllabi and Examinations  
  We follow the prescribed syllabi of the Central Board of Secondary Education and the National Council of Education Research and Training. The details of the syllabi are initiated to the students in the beginning of every semester. Teaching-learning in the Nursery and Primary classes is totally stress-free. There are no promotional examinations up to class V. Assessment of the students is continuous and comprehensive and is based on the work sheets, class tests performance in the unit tests.

Regular examinations are conducted from class VI upwards. Classes IX and X strictly follow the course outlined by the CBSE. Class X examination is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education for which details are provided to the students well in time.
The Counselor  
  Realizing that the changing scenario of social life causes a lot of stress to the students and that they often require the guidance of a qualified counselor to overcome their real and imaginary tensions, we have made provision of a regular counselor who gives them free guidance, consultation and advice to tackle their day to day problems effectively and push ahead with bold and positive attitude.