Senior Secondary Recognized & Affiliated to C.B.S.E in Science, Commerce & Humanities Streams
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Inter Active Smart Class Rooms  
  Our smart and interactive class rooms transforms the way teachers teach and students learn in school. It’s a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative now-a-days. In modern era of E education, we have empowered our teachers with this technology right in their classrooms. This enables the teachers to use digital resources along with chalk and talk methods in their everyday teaching. This integration transforms the monotonous classroom teaching into a lively learning platform for our students. For students it is a completely new learning experience helps them in improving their academic performance.  
Nursery Wing  
  St. Stephens School Nursery wing is fully air-conditioned, colourful, chirpy, specially designed & is well equipped with all modern play-way methods & audio-visual aids for learning with pleasure like Ball Pool, Art & Craft, Swings, Blocks & Puzzles, Educational toys, Computer aided learning. Picnics, Outings, Dance & Music, Stage exposures, Various Competitions, festivals celebrations and lot more is included in their curriculum.  
The Science Laboratory  
  All laboratories (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) are well designed & well equipped with latest scientific instruments & techniques which help the students in understanding the different concepts & ideas. It develops a scientific temper.  
Computer Laboratory  
  The School has a well equipped Computer laboratory with micro machine fittings & latest subject software as well as subject wise packages for the students according to their level and curriculum.  
The Library  
  Library is the nerve centre of the school. It is specially well planned, designed & well stocked with thousands of academic books besides general knowledge, sports, politics, encyclopedia, biographies of the great men, thesaurus etc. It has a separate reading room well equipped with audiovisual aids & is fully computerized.  
The Art Room  
  This is one place where students express and develop their creativity under the guidance and supervision of immensely talented teachers. We persuade students to take part in art and craft activities both in and outside school. Also we hold competitions regularly amongst themselves in their classes to inculcate the healthy spirit to excel each other. It is a room where one learns to love, interacts and appreciates beauty and adds the aesthetic touch to the creative side of one’s personality.  
The Music and Dance Room  
  The school has a full fledged Music and Dance faculty with a variety of instruments. Both Music and Dance are not merely a source of entertainment but vital factors in creating harmony in the student’s life. They are contributory ingredients in maintaining the emotional health of a student. Music as well as dance release stress and make the students feel relaxed.  
Co-curricular Activities  
  Co-curricular activities are an integral part of academic education. They develop the individual talent of the student as to bring his total personality into play. We organize a number of sport activities throughout the year and see to it that all the students participate in them and also take part in inter class, inter house and inter school competitions. The students are divided into three houses viz. Saffron, White and Green. One day of the week is exclusively devoted for inter house competitions. The best performers get routine prizes as well as compete for running trophies and some special prizes which are announced spontaneously for outstanding achievements.  
  Transport facilities are provided to students on all existing routes, subject to availability.  
The Activity Room  
  It is an exclusive room for the kindergarten students. It is their private domain with latest play things which includes a variety of puzzles, building blocks, models, dolls etc. Life in this room is totally blissful and as per the needs and aspirations of our little angels.